Un Posto a Base - Identity

Vittorio Perotti

Identity for the new bar/restaurant inside BASE, a 6.000 mq space in Milan dedicated to innovation, art, creativity and technology.

The space is a former factory for the production of engines, train carriages and tramways, so the whole restaurant was designed to emphasize continuity with the industrial memory of the building. Even the food, as all the plates are served on sticks to remind an assembly line.

Vittorio Perotti is a multidisciplinary art director and designer with a passion for stunning ideas. He was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small seaside town in the center of Italy. When he was 18, he started studying communication and semiotics between Italy and Spain, while working as a graphic designer freelancer and a punk- rocker. In 2014, he created ‘The emoji redesign project’: the first set of emoticons with a flat style. The project has been featured in…

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