27 87 Perfumes

By: Ingrid Picanyol

Created by world-renowned noses, 27 87 scents modernize traditional perfumery combining the finest ingredients and high-quality craftsmanship.

Inspired by the actual generation, we created a bottle with the shape of the characteristic blunted rectangle from all technological devices. A generation that lives, constantly growing and changing needs a naive design that doesn’t condition them.

That’s why the graphic design of the entire collection become a blank canvas for anyone to project their unrestricted imagination.

Furthermore, the bottle's decoration escapes the typical and classical clear glass bottle, inviting us to experience the scent with our most important sense: smell.

Finally, the packaging of the design is inspired by each scent concept: ‘Hashtag’, the mirror as a symbol of the social network's egocentricity; ‘elixir de bombe’, blood flow associated with experience and desire; ‘wanderlust’, a geographical and colorful abstraction from Device Studio.

While all of these.

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