By: Ingrid Picanyol

The pastry chef Josep Ma Ribe and his constant experimentation with chocolate grageas, has transformed this classical product into a product with endless combinations of heart, covering and finish.

Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the comic ‘Lucky Luke', the renowned Callebaut chef pays tribute to this versatile sweet that has taken over the candy shop’s windows from all over the world.

For that, he has been inspired by the four members of The Dalton Brothers, characterized by their gradually height, which is inversely proportional to their age, wickedness and intelligence.

Packaging design and recipes are created simultaneously to represent as much as possible each one of the characters.

Joe, the leader of the gang, is the shortest one and at the same time the oldest, and also the most dangerous and smart of the brothers.

His recipe: Caramelized rice crisp, dark chocolate and some cheeky ginger.

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