360º / Innova award

Belén Garlo

The action of being innovative translated to the object, In this exercise I reflect on the meaning of innovation in order to materialize it in a symbolic trophy. What does it mean to be innovative? An innovator is someone who looks at things in a different and curious way. Who sees complex problems from a different perspective and gives visibility to solutions that were apparently hidden. I wanted to transfer the action of being innovative to the object. This trophy invites you to change your point of view. To realize that, behind any situation, there is a complex geometry that can be simplified from the point of view of innovation. The trophy has two possible readings that coincide with the graphic identity of the Innova awards. It is no coincidence that the first and easier to read is premio, since a prize tends to be something superficial, visible to everyone. However, the second reading of the word innova is hidden in the complexity of the geometry, only visible to those with the curiosity to look beyond.

These four years in school have changed my way of seeing the world, with a curious eye, attentive to detail and to others. They have also helped me to ask myself questions, to question the why and what for of objects and to understand design as a tool to generate a positive impact on society. I’m passionate about sustainability, design, play, innovation and sailing.

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