Echagüe / Coaster Game

Belén Garlo

Set of coasters designed for the store of the museum of the University of Navarra. Made of pine wood with double-sided illustrations inspired by the photographs of the series "Spain, types and costumes" by photographer José Ortiz Echagüe, whose work focused on portraying the typical costumes and people of every little village in Spain. Designed for an audience over 14 years old, it is an everyday object that becomes a game for the whole family to discover the roots of Spanish material culture. This set consists of 4 models of costumes with which you can create 64 different combinations of your own regional costume. We often think that games are only for children, but my goal in this project was to bring play to the small moments of everyday life. This set of coasters is a fun little souvenir of your visit to the museum, but it has a utility and acquires a playful and educational nature about Ortiz Echague's work. In addition, its laser-cut production is designed to be mass-produced and to optimize the wood sheets as much as possible. In this way, we obtain a very competitive and sustainable cost per unit.

These four years in school have changed my way of seeing the world, with a curious eye, attentive to detail and to others. They have also helped me to ask myself questions, to question the why and what for of objects and to understand design as a tool to generate a positive impact on society. I’m passionate about sustainability, design, play, innovation and sailing.

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