Pinzoo / Learn & Play

Belén Garlo

A curious approach into the value of everyday objects We deconstruct a tool, a clothespin. We map and illustrate an exploration of its unexpected potential and show it through visual and conceptual experiments. We want to use the tool for a different material action, influence society, interpret or represent an act with it, invent a different context or any other challenge we can think of. Pinzoo is an educational toy set for children between 1 and 3 years old. It arises as an evolution of the traditional clothespin, giving it a new utility. The objective of these toys is to stimulate the pincer grasp, fundamental in the psychomotor development of children, and turn it into a fun and at the same time attractive experience for the little ones. Introducing you all to Coco el cocodrilo, Tuca el tucán & Llena la ballena.

These four years in school have changed my way of seeing the world, with a curious eye, attentive to detail and to others. They have also helped me to ask myself questions, to question the why and what for of objects and to understand design as a tool to generate a positive impact on society. I’m passionate about sustainability, design, play, innovation and sailing.

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