Elena del Campo

Brisa was born from the desire to create a product that highlights the importance of the cultivation process. These are exposed to various external agents, among which the climatic ones stand out.   The cultivation of tea plants survives a wide variety of climatic conditions, and depending on these, a number of very different flavours are obtained.   Brisa invites consumers to immerse themselves in the different varieties of tea by understanding and associating climate with the intensity of flavours. The claim "Tea all the time" brings the possibility of drinking tea depending on the weather in the user’s location in order to connect the consumer with the origin of the product.   Research into the influence of lime on crops concludes that tea plants grown under colder and more adverse conditions have more intense aromas and stronger flavours. However, crops grown at higher temperatures will take longer to obtain their aromas but will have sweeter flavours.   To materialise this proposal, 6 levels are established, linked to a specific climatology: snowy, rainy, windy, cloudy, mild and sunny. Each level is associated with a specific geographical area representative of the climate and the selected tea variety. The teas chosen for each climatology are: Black Tea (Mount Nilgiri, India), Bitaco Tea (Valle del Cauca, Colombia), Ceylan Tea (Uva, Sri Lanka), Green Tea (Queenisland, Australia), Rooibos Tea (South Africa) and Sunny (Marrakech, Africa).

¡Hola! Soy Elena, Diseñadora multidisciplinar formada en las áreas de producto, gráfica, espacios y comunicación. Estoy graduada en Diseño Integral y Gestión de la Imagen por la URJC y en un Máster en Diseño Gráfico por UDIT (Universidad de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología).

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