Elena del Campo

PIEZA is a student project that was developed with the aim of creating a brand based on mixing a unique feature and a service for the result of a new product. Its feature is the supply of a variety of flavors. This proposal is based on 3 original vegetal tastes that blend the ordinary and the extraordinary in the combination of their ingredients. The flavors are: açai with berries, lemon mousse with cinnamon and crunchy praline with macadamia.   PIEZA is targeted to those who love milk and who are curious to try new things, for those who don’t like the traditional taste of the dairy products and are looking for an alternative, and especially for those who follow a plant-based diet.   This packaging is inspired by the concept of CASI CASAS that means ALMOST HOUSES and makes reference to the context of consumption: households. For this reason, and after an investigation about material and shapes, it is concluded that the appearance of a brick and the silhouette of a house are similar. Its name PIEZA, also refers to houses because their meaning is ROOM.   The graphic design intends to reach the consumer in a close way and for this purpose, soft and colorful shapes are used to create a friendly approach.

Im Elena, a 23 years old integral designer born in Asturias (Spain) but I live in Madrid since many years. During my childhood I also have lived in other cities like París or Toledo.…

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