By: Javier Serra Alonso

In times of Covid-19, we realized the number of bacteria that can accumulateour shoes when leaving the house (according to studies, up to 400 thousand bacteria abroad). This project is based on this idea, the fact of having a piece of furniture like DRAWAIR at the entrance of the house allows the change of shoes and so on prevent all those bacteria and dirt from entering the house.

A custom that we must imitate from other cultures such as Japanese, where if we enter their house we see a ‘’ genkan ’’ (玄関), a step to take off your shoes. DRAWAIR turns this space into more comfortable, accessible, and cleansed furniture.

Based on pre-existence trash in garbage containers, I've been shaping DRAWAIR, an armchair-drawer that has needed a chair back and a rethought drawer, which has been turned and inverted for shoe storage.

The result is a chair back that floats in the air. This inspiration comes from the wavy form of the rods, which reminds me of the air, a strong air that maintains us and that allows shoe ventilation thanks to an open drawer.

The drawer is removable, which allows us to change shoes by season in addition to a greater cleaning. The disinfectant spray could also be applied directly from behind as the chair aeration would do the rest.

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