Penguin Book Covers

By: Javier Serra Alonso

This graphic design project is due to the fact that each year, the Penguin Random House publishing house announces a Student Design Award in which students from all over the world design the covers of three of its books.

These are the designs that I submitted in early 2021 for the books of: The Uninhabitable Earth, Talking Turkeys and Life Isn't All Haha Heehee, adult non-fiction, adult fiction, and children's books respectively.

For the first one, I wanted to represent a devastating overview of where we are in terms of climate crisis and destruction, and what the future will hold if we keep on going down the same path as the book deals with the Earth that awaits us.

For Talking Turkeys, an unconventional collection of straight-talking poems about heroes, revolutions, racism, love, and animal rights, among other subjects, I captured the playful, clever, and provocative essence through a juvenile turkey.

The last novel is about friendship, marriage, and betrayal, it focuses on the difficult choices contemporary women have to make, whether or not they happen to have been raised in the South Asian community.

With simple and powerful illustrations I built a hilarious, thoughtful, and moving book cover.

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