Fluidra’s Annual Report 2019


In the era of digitization, society demands more transparency and accessibility to information from companies. The financial publications of companies such as Integrated Reports, Quarterly Results or Equity Story have to inform, value trajectory, successes, teams and challenges, but they are also brand content that should help us connect with our target audience and provide means to get to know us beyond our product or service.

Last year, our Company LLYC made numerous integrated annual reports for big companies, and one of them was the Fluidra's one. LLYC was commissioned to prepare the 2020 Integrated Annual Report with a design that faithfully followed the brand's corporate identity.

With this briefing, we made the Integrated Annual Report in magazine format, organized and with few blank spaces. We use their corporate colors and fonts, but we wanted to give it a differentiating factor.

To do this, we proposed a very characteristic and attractive photographic style, based on images of water and swimming pools (their sector), which had a lot of color contrast and transmitted freshness and dynamism.

We used the yellow color of its chromatic palette in the layout, and in the graphics and infographics, to highlight the elements and important milestones of the Company during the year 2019.

In the Company website you can find the Fluidra’s Annual Report 2019: https://www. fluidra. com/uploads/media/default/0001/03/e9074fafe95ff2d20b86134842d60d86ca3e781a. pdf

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