Green Cloud

By: Alejandra Charrabe Ciacci

An apartment located in the center of the Madrid that uses the natural lighting of two patios. This allows spaces to feel welcoming and fully lit. The designs mainly focuses on the creation of functional spaces.

With a color pallet of greens, grays and black that allow for a clear definition between the different zones and the creation of a balanced and eclectic design for its future occupants.

The project mainly consisted on a full reformation and redecoration of the apartment to achieve the best use and enjoyment of the spaces. Reforming this apartment was a challenge due to the original state of the apartment since it has been abandoned for a couple of years and because it was a first floor, the humidity had deteriorated the walls and materials of the apartment.

The client was extremely flexible when it came to the designed and we ended up creating a custom made kitchen which allowed to create an open plan space that would allow for a better use of the space.

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