JOYS - jewelry store in Madrid


THE NEW WANNA JEWELRY STORE/BATHROOM IS THE MOSTTRAP SPACE YOU'LL SEE IN MADRIDIn Usera, Madrid's Chinatown, the first JOYS store, the urban brand ofjewelry for the new era, opens its doors.

A space that breaks away from the concept of traditional jewelry, thanks to an interior design that reinforces the conceptual costumbrismo inspired by trap. WANNA, a studio specialized in the creation of brand stories, takes on the comprehensive branding and interior design project for this new brand.

In a global, changing and contradictory world, the search for authenticity and individual expression is a path of no return. Especially for young people. In their eyes, jewelry lacks the value it had for their parents.

They are not synonymous with elegance. Nor a status symbol with economic and sentimental value. And they will never be locked away. Because for this generation, jewelry is a tool of self-affirmation and style that is renewed every season, stacked in a drawer or left forgotten in the bathroom of a Tinder hookup.

With that socio-cultural breeding ground, WANNA builds JOYS' strategy and identity. Inspired by the graphic and verbal language of this new generation, the studio creates a new discourse and an unprecedented vision that positions JOYS as the brand that empowers young people through the power of jewelry.

So, if jewelry is not what it used to be, jewelry stores can't be either. Even when the sector, static, classist and conservative by definition, is determined to look the other way and turn its back on that generation that combines synthetic leather with tracksuits.

That is why WANNA created a disruptive interior design proposal that reflects the visual identity of the brand and put together different trends seen in the streets, fashion, art and design.

All this results in a conceptual costumbrist space with a lot of bling-bling, inspired by the decorative codes of “everyday” scenarios in which trap artists are usually seen. At the center of this space, is a bathroom cabinet covered with gray square tiles from Ferrcos.

Above it is a round mirror hanging from a rapper's "chain". This everyday, excessive altar is flanked by totems containing rubber ducks and the sparkle of the brand's typeface. WANNA has also made bold use of materials and textures.

The studio has quilted the ceiling and storefront in silver, as a nod to the logo. For the floor, they have chosen a purple metallic ceramic flooring manufactured specifically for the space.

While on the gray ceramic walls (also made ad hoc), there are XXL diamonds, created with Homapal mirror). The ingots on another wall are made of the same material, where gold color covers it from floor to ceiling.

A strong grille, in the purest style of a neighborhood "Gold Dealer", puts the golden finishing touch to the space (quite literally). Finally, WANNA has created an ad hoc olfactory experience for this surprising jewelry store/bathroom.

JOYS smells like a shower. Clean. Something that provokes an intentional disorientation and reinforces the conceptual proposal.

We are a creative studio specialized in creating and transforming businesses and brands through strategy, design, and user experience. We are a young and nomadic team. We were born in 2016 and we are located in Dénia, Valencia, Madrid, and worldwide. …

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