Matcha tea

By: Andrea Guerra

We move to the essence of green tea to extract the best. Matcha, the traditional tea, since its origins come from Japan. This tea has a modern and experimental point as does the packaging, since its leaves come in ultra-fine powder.

It offers a rich, subtle palette of sweet, deep flavors. All its types and flavors have the powder of green color. In addition, Matcha is known for its many health benefits: it is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, and chlorophyll.

The problem that is solved with this packaging is the customer when he goes to buy a specific type of flavor, doubts arise, since all powders have the same appearance and the packagings do not usually show a great differentiation between them.

Given this, the solution arises to make a packaging which its image shows us at a glance the type of tea we are buying. Furthermore, this product has been adapted to different packages.

We find the round cardboard tubes where the powder is without any mix, to buy and take home or give away. And we also find glass bottles where the powder is dissolved in the bottom of the bottle just to remove and drink, suitable for situations of consuming at the moment such as in airports or restaurants.

Both materials of cardboard tubes and glass bottles are renewable and are designed for better recycling.

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