Pasta Napolina Packaging

Vasiliki Zotou

This work was created based on an imaginary brief given as part of our third year packaging course. It was stated that we had to redesign a series of packagings for an already existing brand with permission to change the logo as well as the general art direction of the product range, creating a minimum of two pasta and two sauce designs.

Inspired by Pantone color schemes and heavily based on typography the new packaging designs offer a fresh approach to an old brand of Italian Pasta based in the UK.

The background was kept white in order to keep a balance between the vibrant colors used as the pattern and the illustration that are the center of the concept.

The typography and colors used want to give a modern and youthful look to the product range to attract new customers and happily surprise the old existing ones. The logo followed the new creative direction given and was re-branded to a new and more elegant version of the company’s name.

Vasiliki Zotou is graphic designer from Greece. In 2012, she got accepted in the Athens University of Economics and Business at the Business Administration department and began her studies there. After spending about a year attending classes there she realised that Business was not the right path for her, but acknowledged the fact that these studies were and opportunity that she had worked hard for and should not be treated lightly and decided to keep studying at AUEB in order to finish her…

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