Pinto & Chinto exhibition design


For a monographic exhibition on the work of newspaper cartoonists Pinto & Chinto we developed a custom modular display system. The system allowed for the whole imagery to be printed on a single roll of fabric that was kept tense along the structure.

The concept was a reminder of the rotary press that newspapers are printed on, being a newspaper the main platform for Pinto & Chinto's work along the years. The structure can be folded and stored to be transported to anotherlocation, where it can be mounted on a different layout to adapt itself to the gallery space.


Costa A Coruña

Costa is a design and branding studio founded in A Coruña in 2014. We work in a wide array of projects including visual identity, packaging and product design, spatial design, strategy and digital projectsCosta is run by designers Daniel Bembibre e David Silvosa and formed by a multidisciplinary team that allows the studio to develop projects for adiverse client portfolio including Zara, Estrella Galicia ou Xunta de Galicia, Esprit, United Nations - WHO, Russula or Cenor to name a few.

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