Borja Viguiristi Larrea

“Many people who want to change their diet to a healthier one encounters the problem of a saturated market and a lack of clear information”. Plántate wants to be forceful in the message and clear when showing the ingredients of its products.

We want to accompany the user on a journey where he can build his own story and conquer a vegetarian diet. We do not want to waste time reading the ingredients in each container, we need a brand that gives us confidence and makes the shopping list a little easier and healthier.

We feed ourselves in a healthier way when it costs us less effort and we know what we are consuming. We care about a healthy diet when we have more time to ourselves. The concept behind this brand is that of the flag on the "P".

When people conquer something or reach a place after a long journey, they pin a flag to identify or show their achievement. In this case, it means: "I stand, I have come this far."

My aim was to eat healthier and thanks to PLÁNTATE I have succeeded. PLÁNTATE is a change of attitude towards healthy food. MAKING A HEALTHY PURCHASE IS VERY EASY AND WE SAY IT LOUD AND CLEAR.

That is why with Plántate, eating healthy is Plant Eaten. (Brand Tagline- Es Plant Comido). To develop the brand, a food brand identity system with an undulating effect like a flag that covers all aspects of brand communication has been generated.

From business cards to packaging, they are defined with a blunt lettering that highlights the product qualities and invites us to reflect. In this way, the packaging shows the essential ingredient of each product plus a strong message.

The format has been developed in a 3kg family container, the idea is to always keep a meat substitute in the pantry at hand and, on the other hand, stop wasting so much material to make the packaging more sustainable.

This project has been developed as part of the "Challenging master" at LABASAD Barcelona School of Art and Design.

Borja Viguiristi Larrea (Pamplona - Iruñea 1985) más conocido como bov. Soy un diseñador gráfico especializado en el desarrollo de marcas que actualmente dirige bov design. Este pequeño espacio nace con la idea de acabar con el logocentrismo y ayudar a las empresas a contar mejor lo que son desde su propósito.

Abarco diferentes disciplinas dentro del branding como son el desarrollo de marcas, packaging y diseño web. Busco crear proyectos visuales y contenidos que provoquen…

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