Project K 2016 Festival Design

Il-Ho Jung — design, interactive & motion

It’s the 5th anniversary of Project K – The Korean Film Festival. The number five is spelled in Korean and pronounced as »oh«. But »Oh« is not just the number five in Korean, it is also an expression of astonishment that you like to see in the faces of the audience when visiting the festival.

Therefore, the design consists of a pattern of the Korean, the number 5 and of astonishing faces, which reflect the surprisingly good program of Project K – The Korean Film Festival.

Il-Ho Jung is a multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director based in Berlin. With passion for design, he has developed a broad knowledge of many different disciplines and is always eager to learn more with each new project. He considers every work individually and creates strong concepts from the right design. He is convinced that design should be experimental without losing its focus and that the joy for design shouldn’t be missed out.

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