Taste – iconic people

Il-Ho Jung — design, interactive & motion

Taste is a People- and Lifestyle Agency from Hamburg. They promote models, talents and influencer. The center of the Taste branding is the initial letter »T«, which is shaped as a outstretched tongue. It expresses a bold and fresh attitude. The tongue is surrounded by a frame, which emphasizes the striking character and creates a lifestyle appeal of a fashion label. An endless pattern, inspired from the structure of a tongue surface, colored in lollypop-blue was built as part of the branding.

Il-Ho Jung is a multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director based in Berlin. With passion for design, he has developed a broad knowledge of many different disciplines and is always eager to learn more with each new project. He considers every work individually and creates strong concepts from the right design. He is convinced that design should be experimental without losing its focus and that the joy for design shouldn’t be missed out.

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