Yogurt & Go

Carlota Carrillo y Mercè Puig

Yogurt & Go is an on-the-go liquid yogurt that contains edible fruit spheres. It is targeted at children and teenagers between 5 and 14 years old who have an active lifestyle and besides studying, do other extracurricular activities.

Portion packaging comes in really handy for this kind of products, and by including a telescopic straw, we give the consumer a nice, clean and pleasant experience. Our project aims at preserving the straw, which, due to the fact that they are usually glued to the structure rising above its outline, are prone to getting lost in purses or backpacks.

The designed structure holds the straw in its outline due to an groove that has been created on one of its sides, one deep enough to place and protect the straw from any sort of friction.

At the same time, the conduit eases the grab and provides improved ergonomics. The bottle is stoppered with a cap that has been perforated in the middle and allows the user to insert the straw directly inside and the interior seal of the mouth of the bottle assures tightness.

We did consider using just a simple foil lid. However, said option would have resulted in a fragile sealing system, hence the perforated screw cap. Its hole is covered both with a heat-sealed lid and a fruit shaped sticker indicating the flavor of the edible spheres.

With that we not only give more protection to the lid, but we also allow an easy identification of the product from above, thus stock clerks are able to know the flavour of the product immediately after opening the tertiary packaging box.

Knowing that we were designing a one-use container, with a rather short shelf life, we were resolved to make it eco-friendly. Consequently, every single element that forms the packaging is made out of PLA, a biodegradable material that allows for a light, comfortable to grab and transport product, and generates a much smaller environmental footprint compared to other polymers.

Moreover, the adhesives needed to glue the fruit shaped sticker and straw onto the structure are made from casein, a milk protein. As a result, the product manages to educate its target about sustainable and responsible consumption, recycling, and taking care of the planet.

Yogurt & Go is a container thought to hold drinkable dairy products with a shape easily recognizable by the consumer. Its innovation is practical and ready to be put into production.

Carlota Carrillo siempre ha tenido interés por el dibujo, la pintura y las manualidades. Esto le llevó a estudiar diseño gráfico y a especializarse, más tarde, en packaging. Afronta cada encargo con entusiasmo e innovación. No obstante, su espíritu curioso hace que le interesen especialmente aquellos que le invitan a reflexionar, experimentar y explorar nuevos enfoques. En su trabajo, da prioridad al concepto, a partir del cual surge la estética, buscando siempre comunicar aquello que…

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