By: El Gallinero

When we met Zhazz we realized that we had a few things in common: we believe in sustainability understood as the coexistence of the traditional with the current and we also believe in creating custom-made things.

We do it from the creative point of view, and they from the love point of view! Zhazz is a customized virtual matchmaking agency to find a stable partner with high affinity, based on a scientific and expert methodology.

This is the brand definition we reached together, and that we knew how to express under the claim: MAKING MATCH FOR SLOW LOVERS.  That's when we dared to work on his re-design of corporate visual identity.

The premises: find a friendly and close typography, convert the logo into a sound expression, represent the “love connection” in a fluid way, look for a neutral and warm range of colors and, in addition, update the development of logo, symbol and graphic applications.

 We defined an identity that uses an orange red as its main color, accompanied by cream, beige and mink colors, combining gothic and serif fonts in a fluid and connected way. . . All this was structured in the brandguidelines where there are regulated both the uses of graphics and the image bank, which will help to structure the visual communication needs on their platforms and future needs.

 So we agree with Zhazz: in life things should be done with a lot of love and with the right rhythm.

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