ANDREA BIANCANI – Political Regional Elections Campaign

Nicola Sancisi

We created the press campaign for Andrea Biancani's candidacy as Regional Councilor. A project carried out in close collaboration with the candidate and his press office, which asked us to define the claim of the campaign and the graphic image, which we then declined on different communication tools: posters of various formats, programmatic leaflet , flyer, bus, gadgets, online banners, social covers, posters for events and live streaming.

The project allowed us to deal with issues of social interest through essential graphics and very signage, composed of simple and effective concepts, essentially based on the image of the candidate associated with the claim "Biancani in Regione FA x TE".

The use of colors such as red and blue also contributed to achieving the result. For the declination on the various communication tools, our experience gained in the past in the many projects dedicated to public utility graphics was decisive.

Art Director, partner and administrator of E-leva srl, graduated from the Urbino Scuola del Libro and subsequently graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Editorial Graphics and Photography, in 1997-98 he worked in Vienna at Nofrontiere, one of the first web agencies born in Europe. Since 1996 he has been responsible for the graphic image and communication for many companies, cooperatives and public administrations, from the definition of the Brand Identity to the care of publications and events,…

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