El Renacer

Carlos López Cumplido

El Renacer consists of a 75cl bottle and a 3L Bag-in-box of vermouth. The key concept is the duality present in all human experience. The image of the "Plague Doctor" represents the negative and the pandemic, literal and figurative.

"Carpe Diem" represents the positive, the important and essential things of life. The packaging sends the message of the need to enjoy the moment, letting the future surprise, because it is uncertain and unmanageable.

Life is the good and the bad at the same time, one does not exist without the other. For the graphic concept, lettering, photomontage and the painting Spring by Arcimboldo are used.

The chosen bottle is a pharma bottle, solid, with a deep cut in which a flower is engraved in high relief. This same seal is marked by pyrography on the stopper, wooden head and cork.

The Bag in box is a box with a die-cut shape of the Plague Doctor's beak, which unfolds and gives volume to the box. The image is placed on three of the sides, giving a lot of play to place them, creating atmospheres and decorating the space.

My name is Carlos López, I am from Pamplona, North of Spain. I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer: graphic, web and also illustrator. And also, I am a master student.…

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