Carlos López Cumplido
Carlos López Cumplido

Carlos López Cumplido Mutilva

My name is Carlos López, I am from Pamplona, North of Spain. I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer: graphic, web and also illustrator. And also, I am a master student. At 36 years old, and during the lockdown, I decided to begin a new way, the adventure of packaging design. In this discipline of design I have discovered my element, myself. I can join all my knowledge and interests in one project: 3D, illustration, graphic design, branding, etc. With respect to my studies, I would like to highlight that I graduated nine years ago from the ESDIR (Logroño) in Product Design. Web design training. Industrial Design Specialization (UNED). And currently I am pursuing a Master's in wine and food packaging (ESDIR, Logroño). All these experiences shaped my personal and professional life in a positive way. Regarding my work experience, I can tell that In 2016 I created my alter ego design, Caos Creativo freelance. My other self. Or the real me? Caos Creativo is my dream, my job. I have worked in the design field for these five years for different large and small companies: University of Navarra, Osasuna Athletic Club, FesTVal, Zunzarren, among others. Personally, I am the youngest of five siblings. I have two children with the best woman. We have travelled around many countries (before becoming parents) and have lived in York, London (UK) and Bogota (Colombia). Finally I like eating out, series, and I love basketball. That was all about me. Thanks.

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