Carlos López Cumplido

MOM is a set of non-alcoholic wine bottles aimed at mothers-to-be and new mothers. The central concept of the design is Life - that women create. The brand name MOM is chosen as a palindrome, giving the logo strength and meaning.

The "M" stands for woman and mother (upside down) and the "o" represents the belly. The graphics displayed on the labels represent different moments of motherhood: conception, pregnancy and childbirth with illustrations and patterns that evoke these moments.

Philos-style bottles are proposed with slight structural modifications (high-relief engravings replacing the classic bars). The structural reinforcement in the cut creates optical effects due to the refraction of the glass and ergonomic advantages for serving wine.

This gives a differentiating touch and a feminine appearance. The stopper, made of glass, is of the Vinolok pressure type and the inner cavity has a Zamac sheet personalised with the seeds and the logo.

The colour depends on the bottle version. This accentuates the exclusivity of the product.

My name is Carlos López, I am from Pamplona, North of Spain. I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer: graphic, web and also illustrator. And also, I am a master student.…

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