Frieze Paper

Laura Garcia Mut

The project consisted of making a press editorial publication, specifically, a supplement. Taking advantage of the fact that Frieze Art Fair had taken place in New York at that time, we decided to design a supplement about this contemporary art fair.

We conceived it as a supplement to The New York Times newspaper and we called it "Frieze Paper". It consisted of a 12-page publication targeting a young-adult audience interested in art and design with a high cultural level.

The content of the supplement revolves around contemporary art, therefore, the layout has a certain experimental character sticking to a classical tabloid format (289 x 380 mm) and production limitations of the medium.

For example, in the article about the artist Kapwani Kiwanga that we see in one of the images, we wanted to reference the work of the artist through the composition of the text boxes (Linear Paintings, 2017).

We printed 5 unique copies on 55 gsm paper through Newspaper Club (Glasgow, UK), and we obtained a result very similar to that of a real supplement, through the color and texture of the paper, the printing marks in rotary press printing, etc.

It was a fictitious editorial project for an Editorial Design Projects class at EASD València. Project by Laura Garcia Mut & Anna Celda. Project tutored by Juliana Javaloy.

I’m Laura Garcia Mut, a graphic design student at EASD Valencia, born and based in Valencia, Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by design even without knowing what it was. Previously, I studied a Biology Degree, an amazing career that gave me, among other things, a method of work and meticulousness (I loved lab work and I was very interested in research).…

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