Laura Garcia Mut

This work consisted of develop a global identity project for a museum or cultural space. I chose the Pompidou Centre because it seems to me a fascinating space. Through the redesign of its identity, I wanted to pay tribute to its architecture.

The project seeks to express what makes it unique: Its structure. In 1977 the Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture was inaugurated in Paris, marking a milestone in avant-garde architecture.

Its creators, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, broke all the rules in the Parisian urban architectural context. With futuristic and radical air, this construction of High-Tech architecture was destined to become a world icon.

After the research carried out, I was able to conclude that the Pompidou is like a steel mesh within which the spaces are continually reorganized. Structure, repetition and flexibility are the basis for the creation and application of this new identity concept.

The new Pompidou Centre brand consists of the word fragmented and geometric graphic elements interspersed forming a matrix. There are multiple combinations and variations of the brand, being a flexible identity.

Geometric graphic elements arise from the outline drawn by the characters of the word POMPIDOU. The color range consists of 4 colors + black. It’s extracted from the chromatic range used by the architects to designate a color code in the exterior pipes of the building (water (green), air (blue), electricity (yellow) and people transit (red)).

It was a fictitious identity project for Global Identity Projects class in EASD València. Project tutored by Òscar Rosaleñ.

I’m Laura Garcia Mut, a graphic design student at EASD Valencia, born and based in Valencia, Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by design even without knowing what it was. Previously, I studied a Biology Degree, an amazing career that gave me, among other things, a method of work and meticulousness (I loved lab work and I was very interested in research).…

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