Laura Garcia Mut
Laura Garcia Mut

Laura Garcia Mut Valencia

I’m Laura Garcia Mut, a graphic design student at EASD Valencia, born and based in Valencia, Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by design even without knowing what it was. Previously, I studied a Biology Degree, an amazing career that gave me, among other things, a method of work and meticulousness (I loved lab work and I was very interested in research). But as leisure, I’ve always been linked to arts and crafts and now I’m really enjoying my time at an Art School, working with such inspiring teachers and classmates. As a student, I’m very interested in typography and editorial design, but also branding and packaging. I'm always touching papers and materials to feel their textures and finishes, and I’m always asking myself “How they did it?”. I love choosing a concept and weaving a project around it, paying attention to every detail. I also enjoy discovering new techniques and design tools. We need to be constantly learning because our field is constantly evolving. Besides being studying, currently, I’m working as a junior graphic designer at a studio specialized in digital and interactive design in Valencia, where I do mostly branding work. I think design is a way of life, you cannot just disconnect. If you are in, you see design everywhere you go, and being surrounded by this way of seeing becomes the greatest source of inspiration to creative problem-solving. I hope to continue learning from creatives around me and I hope to grow and develop as a graphic designer.

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