Red Birdhouse

Laura Garcia Mut

This project consisted of designing and develop a packaging that had an added function beyond containing, presenting and protecting a product. I decided to design a packaging for birds food that would serve as a house to them to hang in the garden once the product was taken from inside, as a way to use the packaging and give it a second function.

Inside it encloses a hermetic glass jar with food. I was looking for a minimalist result with clean lines, inspired by the classical wood birdhouses. For this, I designed a one-piece die of a polyhedron with geometric shapes and classic proportions.

The result is a robust box that opens in a special way. It’s accompanied by a sleeve that keeps it perfectly closed and a removable tray for pouring food. In addition, the proportions of the box allow it to be stackable to optimize transport and distribution.

Another requirement of the project was that it should be monochrome. I opted for the red color after reading that bright colors attract unusual birds. The material is an extra matt cardboard.

It was a fictitious packaging project for a fictitious client for the Space & Volume class at EASD València. Project tutored by Eva Torralba.

I’m Laura Garcia Mut, a graphic design student at EASD Valencia, born and based in Valencia, Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by design even without knowing what it was. Previously, I studied a Biology Degree, an amazing career that gave me, among other things, a method of work and meticulousness (I loved lab work and I was very interested in research).…

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