Afloat (Water woman X)

Sonia Alins

“Afloat” is a symbol of zen philosophy. This artwork is part of the"Water Women” series, a collection of mysterious and delicate collages that contain very expressive figures always emerging from an aquatic environment.

Like in the rest of pieces of this series, the artist explores, in a special and suggestive way, concepts such as surrealism, visual poetry and feminism. This series of artworks surprises the viewer with the subtle, delicate and ethereal idea of an undefined aquatic environment where expressive figures of great proportions (most of them are women) emerge helpless and victims of fate.

The artist plays with the idea of transparency and blur, establishing different levels of perception and bringing depth to the pieces, thanks to a planned and minimalist combination of materials (basically paper and polypropylene).

With this creative process, Sonia Alins generates ethereal atmospheres in a minimalist way. In every piece of this series, Sonia Alins explores the possibilities of water as an expressive medium.

Water becomes an amplifying element of each of the different emotional moments that the author wants to convey in each work of "Water Women”. Here, the protagonist, a female figure dressed with a white dress, is lying down, floating in the water.

Both, her body and her face communicate an expression of peace, quietness and a total relaxation. Everybody has experienced the sensation of floating in the sea water and everyone can remember it as a moment of inner peace and deep relaxation.

“Afloat” and three other artworks from the “Water Women” have been awarded with two Gold Medals at Le Salon des Beaux Arts 2017, granted by the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts.

Sonia Alins is a Spanish illustrator and artist focused on the creation of artworks (often three-dimensional) with a poetic narrative of a surreal nature with which she addresses her feelings, desires, dreams and nightmares. Sonia makes extensive use of the human figure (mostly feminine) and, at the same time, she explores the expressiveness of elements such as transparency and blur.…

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