Sonia Alins

The proposal for the poster of the 24th Latin American Film Festival of Catalonia is an allegorical artwork about the power of cinema symbolized by the attraction and hypnotic look of Medusa.

The artist Sonia Alins proposes a poetic, conceptual and surrealist work of art inspired by the classic Greek myth of Medusa, a mythological well-known character that has the power to turn into stone everyone who looks into her eyes.

In her artwork, the artist proposes a positive parallelism with cinema, represented with the cinematographic film (instead of the usual snakes in Medusa’s head) in order to talk about the magic and the seduction that cinema exerts on the audience that, for two hours, are hypnotized and remain fascinated by the story they watch on the screen.

The poster for the 24th Latin American Film Festival of Catalonia also wants to convey the relationship between Spain and South America, deeply interrelated through history and culture.

That’s the main reason to include the element of water (representing the Atlantic Ocean between these two territories) and, also, certain traits that remind us of the iconic vegetation of the South American jungles, lush and paradisiacal.

For this collage, Sonia Alins basically used watercolour paper, polypropylene and film reel. The artwork was applied to posters of different sizes, banners, the official brochure, and all the visual communications.

This artwork was commissioned by Juan Ferrer, director of the Latin American Film Festival of Catalonia, on behalf of the festival organisers: Centro Latinoamericano de Lleida and Ajuntament de Lleida.

Sonia Alins is a Spanish illustrator and artist focused on the creation of artworks (often three-dimensional) with a poetic narrative of a surreal nature with which she addresses her feelings, desires, dreams and nightmares. Sonia makes extensive use of the human figure (mostly feminine) and, at the same time, she explores the expressiveness of elements such as transparency and blur.…

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