Aldeias de Portugal

By: Paulo Marcelo

The "Aldeias de Portugal” (Villages of Portugal) network has been coordinated by the “Associação do Turismo de Aldeia” (Village Tourism Association) since 1996, and is formed of 83 listed villages spread across Portugal.

The “Aldeias de Portugal” are a new rural tourism concept that differs from the rest by offering visitors a "Rural Life Experience" through a unique and rare product whose claim intends to express those very values: “Aldeias de Portugal, genuinamente nossas” (Villages of Portugal, truly ours).

These rural areas stand out due to their remote presence in history, and for retaining legacies of great patrimonial and cultural value. This rebranding was inspired by symbols of popular imagery and Portuguese ethnography, widely used in mid-20th-century graphic designs.

We make special reference to the swallow – a symbol of tradition, nostalgia and returning home. We have drawn a feature on its wings which simultaneously represents a sun, a flower and a rose window, symbolising the climate, nature and heritage of Portugal.

Just as the swallow does not forget its nest, we cannot forget our villages. This is the message we intend to communicate by choosing the swallow as the key feature of this project.

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