Paulo Marcelo
Paulo Marcelo

Paulo Marcelo Santa Maria da Feira

Paulo Marcelo is a Graphic Designer, Professor and Design Researcher at CIAUD, Lisbon Shool of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. His studies is focused on the role of design in the construction and transmission identity of Portuguese historical brands and their relationship with the strong revivalist trend we live today. His intention is to contribute to publicize the graphic assets of these brands, especially in packaging produced, especially in the mid-twentieth century. Paulo is also creative director at PMDESIGN, a portuguese design company created in 2008, specialized in communication design, packaging, illustration, exhibition environments and graphic systems for public spaces. His work has been recognized by the European Design Awards, Pentawards, Graphis, IDA-International Design Awards, Bienal Iberoamericana Diseño, and SELECTED.

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