Viarco Vintage Collection

By: Paulo Marcelo

In pencil writing, there is a name that transcends borders since 1907. In Portugal, the Viarco brand is intertwined with the history of pencils; globally, the brand is reputed for its versatility.

High-quality products leave the small factory unit – one of the few still active in Europe – daily. These products are made using traditional methods and tools, just as they were in the early twentieth century.

Experience, quality, creativity and innovation guide the company, which is located in São João da Madeira. The challenge in future involves maintaining an intrinsic respect for the past within a highly competitive market.

These packages are a faithful version of the many used by Viarco between 1940 and 1960, brought back to life to tell the story of the flagship brand that views simplicity as a representation of its identity and collective memory.

This limited edition collection is wholly designed in Portugal using long-established production methods. Paulo Marcelo was responsible for the supervision and production of this historical edition.

Viarco is, probably, the smallest pencil factory in the world.

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