Palace Ceramics Collection

Paulo Marcelo

This packaging was created for the new Edition of the ceramic pieces of the Palace Collection designed by Daciano da Costa (1930-2005), one of the most outstanding figures of Portuguese Design. We find his interior and furniture design in such iconic spaces as the University of Lisbon (Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa), the Biblioteca Nacional, the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian headquarters, the Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, the Casino Park Hotel, the Centro Cultural de Belém, and at Casa da Música. The Palace Ceramics Collection is one of the many sets of objects designed by Daciano da Costa for the Hotel Madeira Hilton / Madeira Palace interiors in the 1970’s. The pieces now reissued, made in its original five colors, suggest a game of a modular and geometric design that can unfold in multiple combinations. From the Atelier, founded in 1959 by Daciano da Costa, to the restructuring of the company in 2013, they started a project that aims to enhance and communicate his work. In 2019, They opened the Gallery, an exhibition space, where they present the new editions and reissues of Daciano da Costa´s work. The packaging design project, created by PMDESIGN, is made of compact cardboard and, just like the ceramic pieces, it creates a play of volumes with modular design and multiple combinations. The semi-hexagonal shape was designed for a perfect fit of the pieces, an exercise in optimizing space and materials. Working with a restricted colour palette confers the packaging simplicity and minimalism, which contrasts with the chromatic exuberance of the pieces and balances the set. The numbering visual detail allows for immediate identification of the dimension of each piece. On the other hand, through the square opening at the base one can check the colour.

Paulo Marcelo

Paulo Marcelo Santa Maria da Feira

Paulo Marcelo is a Graphic Designer, Professor and Design Researcher at CIAUD, Lisbon Shool of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. His studies is focused on the role of design in the construction and transmission identity of Portuguese historical brands and their relationship with the strong revivalist trend we live today. His intention is to contribute to publicize the graphic assets of these brands, especially in packaging produced, especially in the mid-twentieth century. Paulo is…

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