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La edición 2020 tendrá lugar el próximo noviembre en Bilbao. Las Call For Entries ya estan abiertas, no te olvides de compartir tus proyectos y entrar en la comunidad creativa!(Artwork by DVEIN)

SELECTED | Evento Creativo en Bilbao - Proyectos Visuales.

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Selected Bilbao - November 2020

SELECTED is a two-day event that involves artists, creatives and designers from the creative industries. This year's edition takes place in Bilbao (Bizkaia) and it will be a opportunity to get inspired by creative presentations and cultural activities. Tickets are on sale, don't forget to get your pass!

The aim of SELECTED is to collect and share visual inspiration and the current trends in design with those who are interested on the cultural and industrial landscape. With more than 1700 projects, SELECTED supports an active community of creatives. Get ready and submit your project into the Call for Entry!

"I think an event like the Selected is great for designers to share their ideas and bring design closer to professionals." Mae Engelgeer

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