Gallén+Ibáñez Valencia

Gallén+Ibáñez is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio with headquarters in Valencia. Its activity focuses on different specialties, such as corporate image, editorial design, packaging, art direction and web design. We venture into other areas whenever the occasion allows it. The studio teams change and grow to adapt to each project. We like to define the studio as a design boutique because we customise our work according to the needs of our clients. We have an artisan’s approach toward our profession. We try to make every project unique and provide clients with a solution that is coherent with their specific identity, with the values they want to convey about themselves, and which is appropriate for their target audience. The philosophy of our studio is based on our vital commitment to this professional field. We want to make the best possible projects because we think that design provides an important service to society. We think the visual impacts that the public is subjected to should be a source of pleasure, that they have cultural value and facilitate communication through the sparkle of style.

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