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SELECTED’17: The Book

"Selected Europe: The Book" is not a annual book, but a selection of artists and designers who set a European stage as a reference for visual inspiration. It proposes to broaden horizons, to explore what is happening in the Design universe, trying to make a referral review. It is a transversal view on its different disciplines:  A space for uncertainty, a natural terrain of inspiration, and a space for the diversity of discourses, approaches and styles with which each artist or designer constructs his / her imaginary. The main criterion of selection of the participants.

In a way, "Selected Europe" is an itinerary thought, intentional and - at the same time - contingent on chance, and randomness. Then, "Selected Europe" is a search, a journey, a unique journey.

We are interested in the discourse of design that understands originality as value over equalizing, regulated, - useful and effective - but naturally distant from any sign of identity.

A unique piece, an idea that is reflected in the cover of this edition, also from its print: 999 different covers, with a mix of offset and letterpress systems, on special papers of different colors superimposed on silver inks (for the elegant ones) and gold (For those who want to draw the attention of the gods). Each numbered number on a type printer. From Selected Europe, we hope you will enjoy your own travel.

The projects


Book Printer
Hernán Ordoñez
Book Manager
Guarro Casas
Book Paper

Otzarreta Communication

Look what we can do for you in offset and digital printing: Do not miss the opportunity to visit our Blog Since 1970 in Otzarreta we have created and designed with production in mind. This is our way of working, and it makes us different. Because for us creativity and production are not two isolated phases, they are a tandem. So we take advantage of the knowledge of our experts throughout the project. We like the challenges and we only do what we do very well: Branding, corporate identities, design, illustration, advertising photography, 3D photography, 360º virtual scenarios, offset printing, digital printing, packaging, web, special formats and finishes, augmented reality... For us a good idea and an impeccable execution have the maximum value. That's why we are Think & Make. We are very pleased to have participated in the elaboration of the latest books of Selected Europe.

Guarro Casas

We transform imagination into reality. Our papers are chosen by designers and luxury brands for the sensations they transmit, the intensity of their colors and the customization they can obtain in their projects. Quality, personalization, inspiration and experience are the words that define us. Our papers are made with long fiber, what gives them more strength and better printability. With more than 100 colors and 70 embosses we offer the widest personalization range available in the market. Whatever idea, look, texture or sensation you may imagine we can create it.   For 319 years, the most important design players have trusted us: associations like BCD or ADCV, design schools like IED, Elisava or La Llotja, the greatest museums like MoMa; photographers like Piotr Zbierski, agencies like Paper Planes, Abraham & Rol, publishers like Planeta or Penguin, as well as luxury brands like Möet, Loewe, Valentino or Prada. Because we’re not just a paper mill, we are your partner in design.

The Design Selection: Meet the Selected jury 2017

With a massive participation in the different disciplines of design, Selected'17 closed the call for entry last May. The jury was called in two venues, Istituto European Design of Barcelona and Bilbao Ekintza in the capital of the Basque Country. Composed of 27 professionals, directors of Universities and Schools of design, media creators. They will decide which works from all those presented are selected.

Institute of Design IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

The Istituto Europeo di Design is an international network with eleven seats established in Spain, Italy and Brazil, specialized in training, development and research on the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication.

Bilbao Ekintza -

Bilbao Ekintza is a municipal entity that drives the generation of social and economic wealth for Bilbao, by positioning the city as an attractive destination for investment, setting up companies and business growth, along with enhancing job opportunities.

Thank you to all the organisations helping the Call for Entries 2017

IED Presentation

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